3 Design Hacks to Make Your Presentations Look More Professional

    Ok nobody like to make presentations, Even Worse watch those Ugly Presentations that just make you go to Sleep.

    If you want to have the full attention You are not going to get it with with the following example.

    What It should be NOT

    example horrible powerpoint

    It hurts the eyes, and looks plain childish, Nothing professional at all.

    What do think when you compare it with the next slide?

    We give the same message, but 200% more attractive.

    Excellent Result powerpoint

    The Summary of: The 3 DesignHacks TO IMPROVE your Slides with a factor of 200%

    • NO White BackGround
    • NO CLIPART, Use icons

    Want to know more HOW to do that in the correct Way?

    Watch the following SlideShare How to improve your Presentation: