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    Depending of your location in the world, there are cheaper options available per Country. Before we go into buying i want to tell you I look to the safest way to get my Bitcoin, security related, and also with the least Fees possible, otherwise i would still use the original system in place what the banks use to sent money.

    Bitcoin has a status of elite underground, based on the anonymity, and the direct delivery which is pretty fancy, and most likely still is. Without the need to need of intermediate people, institutions and etc. The transaction goes directly from person A to Person B.

    Never use Paypal Directly to sell/buy Bitcoins, always use an intermediate 🙁

    since the risk exists that you will get backcharged, loosing your money or your Bitcoins. unless it is a person you know that you can trust. but even then, play safe.

    We are not searching for anonymity, since that would be too complex to explain here. and all the additional security you would need to setup before you would be able to the point to start doing the transactions, so Lets keep it simple Stupid. + the additional risk and cost involved to set it up. so yes we will have to show ID to show who we are.

    Our Goal is  to buy Bitcoins as CHEAP and as FAST as possible.

    We are in based in Bolivia at the moment, And I would like to know WHERE i can buy the Stuff. Which is hard since the state doesnt accept other currencies besides the Bolivian Boliviana as official coin to pay in places. The dollar is still accepted in several places, but BitCoiin is a big mystery  to find.

    Regarding the limitations put we go over some options to get Bitcoins.

    This is a nice challenge to go forward and is worthy to be investigated. And I hope that it might help you to find Bitcoins.

    No idea what Bitcoin is?

    Check the previous article <Banks are afraid of the digital coin called bitcoins>

    And get the big idea why Bitcoin is going to be used more and more in the future.


    So what are The cheapest legal places to buy Bitcoins ONLINE??


    Where to buy the cheapest bitcoin in the united states ?

    EUROPE and International

    For the Cheapest Bitcoin in Europe go deeper to the following Article

    Where to Buy the Cheapest Bitcoin in europe?

    Countries where Bitcoin is not supported

    If above methods dont work, i would recommend Only VirWox in emergency-case as their transaction cost are extremely high.

    Where to Buy the Cheapest Bitcoin when your country doesnt support it?





    Obsolete  Coin.Mx

    Dont use Coin.Mx anymore as they have a Lawsuit against them !!!

    Altough they were the 3rd best option at that time


    For your own safety i have selected above ways to buy Bitcoins:

    Why? They use an intermediate system, so you are more protected , and you don’t get scammed, you get what you pay, but with a cost.

    Other options to be investigated:



    For your Interest

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    More and more online shops begin to offer products that you can buy with bitcoins.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS YOU would like to know more about BitCoin let me know, and we can dig deeper into the matter. give a comment on my facebook page. on the related article.
    – on the list are the Fees
    – where to buy bitcoins
    – what shops offer this.
    – Bitmining is it still worth it?
    Greetings and have a great Day.


    Get in to the new era of digital payments early on.

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